Under Cover of Darkness


Under cover of darkness

I wake and listen

to the sound of sheer silence.

In the stillness I sense

the groaning of God’s creation

rising up from the earth,

carried on the gentle breeze.

This pain is ancient,

yet ever new.


Like Elijah in the cave,

I wrap myself in the mantle

of my comforter.

Nestled safely under its soft weight,

I dare to listen deeply

and peer into the darkness,

looking for God,

only to find once again

that God is looking for me.


Before I can see,

I must let myself be seen.

Before I can love,

I must first be loved.

This wisdom is as old as the breeze

On which it’s borne

and as new as this moment

in which it meets me in the wilderness,

reviving my soul for the journey ahead.

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